My Treatment Approach

I employ a range of treatment interventions in my osteopathic clinical practice. I primarily use hands-on techniques including soft-tissue manipulation and myofascial technique, joint manipulation including spinal and peripheral joint manipulation, joint mobilisation and articulation, Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Counterstrain. I also use acupuncture, and low level laser therapy (LLLT). I use Swiss Dolorclast Radial Shock Wave Therapy in the treatment of acute and chronic tendinopathies and related focal soft tissue disorders. I also use DolorClast High Power Laser in the management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems. Where appropriate I prescribe specific exercise, as well as providing advice on relaxation, meditation and stress management.

As far as possible I employ evidence based or evidence informed treatment.

I try to determine what the treatment of choice is for each patient and treat that patient accordingly. If the treatment of choice does not fall within my range of clinical skills then I will do my best to refer to the most appropriate health care professional or suggest appropriate alternative management strategies. I may also refer to other health care professionals to augment the treatment of a patient under my care.

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